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Wet Shave Starter Kit Set

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Get a friends and family started with wet shaving with this intro kit.


При покупке этого товара вы можете получить до 2 бонусных баллов. Сумма вашей покупки составит 2 бонусных баллов которые можно обменять на купон в $0.40.





Someone just starting out with wet shaving does not need premium custom equipment, what they need is something reliable, something fool proof  and something that does not intimidate the budget. That is why we are introducing a wet shavers starter kit that is priced just right for a meaningful gift. 

The best part is - this starter set will be mailed with a 10% discount code that can be used on a premium  Envy Shave,  hand made custom or Alluminati shaving brush.

Equipment selection:

  • Fool proof 22mm luxury soft synthetic - This brush is perfect for no fuss lather and is great for travel. Solid horn resin handle
  • Beautiful horn resin safety razor that is mild enough to keep it safe and aggressive enough to get a close shave
  • Envy Shave Premium Shave soap.  .8 Ounces.  A premium grade soap that will give newcomers and old pros alike a reliably voluminous slick lather with lots of protection as well as a nice conditioning after effect. 
  • 5 pack of Rockwell razors. A sharp edge that won' punish you for a minor  slip up.

A nice set that will get any new shaver several weeks of quality shaves without breaking the bank.  


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Wet Shave Starter Kit Set

Wet Shave Starter Kit Set

Get a friends and family started with wet shaving with this intro kit.