Wet shaving brushes

Premium shaving brushes for wet shaving. Made with your choice of badger, horse, boar, or with synthetic hair. Great for use with straight razors, singe edge safety razors, double edge safety razors (DE & SE razors) as well as shavettes.

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  • Hand Made Shaving Brushes

    See hand made brushes. Select brushes ready to ship, or brushes that are made to order as pictured or to your specifications by choosing knot size type, and handle coloration and design.
    Prices can vary depending on configuration, please click contact us at the top when you know what you want we can give you a price. 

  • Restored vintage brushes
  • Alluminati Premium...

    Alluminati brushes are masterfully crafted in the USA by Envy Shave to precise standards from the highest grade material.  When you hold an Alluminati brush you know you are holding the highest grade gear available anywhere. Carefully weighted and balanced for good grip and control. Beautiful to look at with modern designs that give a nod to it's classic inspiration.   Protective coated to last several generations. Enjoy pass it on.  Soak the brush in hot water and it will retain heat through out the shave, truely a luxury experience. 

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Se afişează 1-5 din 5 articole